So if you understand that, it just sits there, then like, how were you feeling? Like, oh, I don’t like there’s just a little bit left in the bottle. It was expensive, but like, that’s what people you know, what I noticed and what other people that I work with will notice is like, they just all of a sudden, it’s like they can hear the thoughts unfolding. They can start to really like identify those patterns, and then it’s so much easier to start to intervene with them. Well, so I mean, this is one of the things that really kind of like, changed my whole understanding of my drinking, but also really changed my understanding of really everything I do, was the think, feel act cycle. So this is not something that I came up with.

And it’s like, so what is your experience? Like when you cook dinner without the wine? And people kind of look at me, at first with this like blank, like, What are you talking about? The pleasure is I opened up the bottle of Chardonnay.

Additional Self Assessment Questionnaire

But people, you were also saying this too with the personality traits. I even wrote some of these down, the Big Five personality test which has the Big Five personality traits. I learned about this from Dr. Jordan Peterson. I was thinking on this brainstorm how having certain of these characteristics could how to take a break from drinking make it a lot harder for a person to decline if somebody offers them an alcoholic beverage at a function. For instance, agreeableness, agreeableness is cooperative, prosocial behaviors, helping others, altruism, kindness, people that are really high in agreeableness and also if they’re high in neuroticism.

I don’t have all these extra calories, but then that’s your new normal. And I’ll just say this for everyone listening, because, you know, when I talk about my experience, sometimes people will be like, oh, well, that’s not, that’s not true for me at all. You know, it’s not like it’s not like a social thing, or I don’t have anxiety. It’s not that humans only learn one thing. When it comes to drinking we learned many, many, many things. And so really just asking, like posing the question to yourself, like, what am I learning?

Alcohol dependence

Now, on one hand, they don’t want to drink. They even told themselves before this barbecue that they’re not going to drink here. But on the other hand, if they’re just a week off alcohol, for most people, there’s one part of them that doesn’t want to drink, there’s another part of them that wants to drink, even if the other part of them is the subconscious. Typically, they wish they could drink, but just drink responsibly. When you think about marketing for alcohol, I’m imagining commercials that have been in on the past and even present day, commercials, magazine ads, big, huge billboards.

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