Lovato spent some of the pandemic swiping between girls and guys on dating apps. “I found that dating women was harder for me, because many were just exploring or confused about their sexuality,” she says. Though she was recently reported to be in a relationship with a male musician, she declined to share any details. Lovato, whose every album has cracked the top five on the Billboard 200, is embracing her shadow side on her new LP, “Holy Fvck,” out Aug. 19. It’s a thundering, hard-rock horror maze through Lovato’s psyche as a superstar in recovery — not just from drugs and alcohol but also from the sexual and spiritual repression that had long eaten away at her sense of self.

The pop star previously revealed how her former management team strictly controlled most aspects of her life for years as she recovered from an eating disorder. Dietary restrictions included birthdays when they denied her actual birthday cake and instead gave her watermelon cake, a carved-up watermelon with fat-free whipped cream on top. Demi (who came out as non-binary in 2021, and announced in 2022 they used both she/her and they/them pronouns) has worn many different hats as a pop star since she debuted in the late 00s as a featured player in the Disney film Camp Rock. It’s kind of a hard question to answer, because you’ll have to listen to the album to really get the feel. Some songs are definitely pop-punk and has more of a vibe [of the sound] which is coming back into music, but there are also songs in there where I go pretty f–king hard — and I’m really excited for people to hear those songs too, because it just keeps showing a different side of [myself]. She recounts her relapse and overdose unblinkingly in the documentary “Dancing With the Devil,” which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival this week and will be released on YouTube in four episodes starting March 23.

  1. The unapologetic lead single to Demi’s sophisticated sixth album Tell Me You Love is a fun, quirky song inflected with trop-pop undertones.
  2. “The love you have all shown me will never be forgotten and I look forward to the day where I can say I came out on the other side,” they wrote.
  3. Lovato was the star of their own Disney Channel television show called Sonny with a Chance.
  4. On July 24, 2018, the singer was rushed to the hospital for an apparent overdose.

The album debuted with 110,000 copies sold in the US, their highest first-week sales in the country. Lovato’s Soul music -influenced fifth and sixth studio albums, Confident (2015) and Tell Me You Love Me (2017), presented more mature lyrical content than previous works. The latter became their first album to be certified platinum by the RIAA, and its lead single, “Sorry Not Sorry”, became their highest-charting single in the US, peaking at number six, and was certified 5x platinum in the US. Lovato’s 2020 singles “Anyone” and “I Love Me” became their first eminem addicted number-one entries on Billboard’s Digital Songs chart. Their collaborations “Échame la Culpa” (2017) with Luis Fonsi and “Solo” (2018) with Clean Bandit were international successes, both reaching number one in 17 countries and each certified platinum or higher in at least ten countries, including Diamond certifications in Brazil and Mexico. In 2018, Lovato topped the international charts with “Solo”, which became her first number-one song in the UK, Germany and Ireland.[16] In 2021, Lovato released her seventh studio album Dancing with the Devil…

Lovato has followed with the albums Unbroken, Confident and Tell Me You Love Me, scoring hits with singles like “Skyscraper” and “Sorry Not Sorry.” They have also continued to appear on television, serving as a judge on the singing competition show The X Factor from 2012 to 2013. On September 23, 2008, Lovato released their first album, Don’t Forget, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. In promotion of this album, Lovato went on tour with the Jonas Brothers on their Burnin’ Up Tour as the opening act. The title track reached No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it their first single to reach the Top 20. They went on tour again with the Jonas Brothers the following year and was romantically linked to Joe Jonas around this time.

She recorded “Skyscraper” twice, before and after entering treatment, but ultimately chose to release the original. Even with her voice obviously frayed, Lovato delivers a performance of heroic physical and emotional strength, climaxing in a glass-shattering high G note. Though Demi Lovato’s just 27 years old, it’s easy to forget that she’s been in the spotlight for over a decade. From her breakout role in Disney’s TV movie Camp Rock, to her 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me, Lovato’s weathered the transition from teen idol to adult popstar with more grace and candor than most manage. A Sheryl Crow-style rock anthem about Lovato’s somewhat polarizing choice to be “California sober,” meaning she drinks alcohol and smokes weed in moderation. In the song’s first verse, the singer explains that she’s “tired of being known for my sickness” and of “history repeating” itself, having suffered relapses while striving to be 100% sober.

One formative experience bubbled up to the surface in new song “29” — a crushing rock ballad in which she marvels at turning the same age as a man she fell in love with when she was 17 years old. For all its blasphemy, this is relatively light conversation for Lovato, who was 22 years old when she released her 2015 try-sexual anthem, “Cool for the Summer,” a maximalist (and Max Martin-assisted) pop smash about exploratory sex between friends of the same gender. From the time she was 18, the singer-actor has bounded in and out of treatment programs for drug addiction, bulimia, self-harm and trauma stemming from at least two instances of sexual assault. In January 2022, a month after her most recent stint in rehab, Demi Lovato drove the final stake into the heart of her child-star past. Addressing the issue for the first time via an Instagram post on August 5, Lovato acknowledged the ongoing difficulties of dealing with addiction and thanked fans for their support.

Mental Health and Personal Life

From them, Lovato learned to throw her body into her otherwise supple voice, suffusing every peak and valley of a song with a magnitude fitting for rock. Lovato was the star of their own Disney Channel television show called Sonny with a Chance. The series debuted in 2009, becoming one of the channel’s most popular programs and making Lovato one of its brightest stars. Growing up, Lovato won several talent contests and performed in famous venues, including the Eismann Center and the Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day halftime show with LeAnn Rimes.

It was the most emotionally raw we’d ever heard Lovato, 28, whose unflinching honesty and empowering messages are core tenets of her brand. But “Anyone” was just a small taste of what’s in store on “Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over,” out Friday, her seventh studio album and an at times stunningly autobiographical look into the former child star’s recovery journey. While writing those early records, she sank her teeth into the tortured melodrama of acts like emo mainstays Paramore, Christian metal band Flyleaf and the pop-rock singer Kelly Clarkson, whose songs Lovato wore out in the privacy of her headphones.

Awards and nominations

Early last year, Demi Lovato returned to music with comeback single “Anyone,” a devastating cry for help recorded just four days before her near-fatal drug overdose in July 2018. Guitarist Nita Strauss — ranked No. 1 on Guitar World’s list of “10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know” — recently wrapped an eight-year run in Alice Cooper’s touring band to back Lovato in support of “Holy Fvck” this summer and fall. Strauss, 35, lauds Lovato not just for hiring an all-woman band for the job but also for advancing the cause of women and gender-nonconforming people in rock. Demi Lovato woke up legally blind in an intensive care unit after the July 2018 drug overdose that nearly killed her. It took about two months to recover enough sight to read a book, and she passed the time catching up on 10 years’ worth of sleep, playing board games or taking a single lap around the hospital floor for exercise.

Life and career

A song with the same name, a brassy, haunting showcase for Lovato’s powerhouse voice, anchors a new album, “Dancing With the Devil … The Art of Starting Over,” due April 2. If I were to describe this album to someone, I would say it’s rock, and then that it branches into different categories of rock. One song on there feels almost a little Southern rock, but I have songs that feel more hardcore than what people may be expecting of me.

The couplet, and the razor-wire guitar riff around it, serve as an abrupt introduction into Lovato’s new era. In January, the superstar held a “funeral” for their pop music, officially starting a fresh professional chapter following last year’s sprawling, A-list collaborations-heavy album Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over. It’s her chance to not only participate in the mainstream’s recent pop-punk revival, but to harken back to the guitar-heavy vibrancy of her first two albums, 2008’s Don’t Forget and 2009’s Here We Go Again, released before 2011’s more R&B-influenced Unbroken delivered Lovato as a radio-friendly pop star. Lovato, the 28-year-old singer, songwriter, actress and budding activist who has been in show business since she was 6 and a household name since her teens, is not just adaptable — she is one of the most resilient pop cultural figures of her time. Through Demi’s voice, it’s more than a love song — it’s the story of a woman who’s lived through the worst, and emerged with unshakeable faith.

While on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2010, Lovato got into an altercation with a dancer. According to People magazine, the singer sought help for “emotional and physical issues.” Some of these issues were later revealed to be an eating disorder, self-harm through cutting and bipolar disorder. In 2008, Lovato covered the Academy Award-nominated song, “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted on the DisneyMania https://sober-house.net/ 6 album. Later on, in 2008, they began filming the Disney Channel Original Movie, Princess Protection Program. The film was made in Puerto Rico and Lovato co-starred with their then-good friend Selena Gomez. With 1.5 million total chart units, its her biggest hit by far, and also has the most streams of any of her songs – over 184 million, as well as having the most-streamed video too (39 million).

I felt like [“Cool For the Summer”] was the universe’s way of saying, you have no control of this, so it’s not on you, but we’re going give you a sign that you’re on the right path, and here you are blowing up on TikTok with “Cool For the Summer.” Because there’s no reason that song should have come back seven years later! That’s just some universe, “You’re on the right path” s–t, and I was so grateful. Like, it’s always nice to have a hit, but then to have a hit come back and be a hit again is even more rare. It’s true that a lot of listeners will hear “Skin of My Teeth” as a departure, but it really is a return to where you started. The website is dedicated to the American singer, actress and songwriter, Demi Lovato.

Their career so far has been an at times fascinating journey as to how best use this voice. What Pride means to me is just being yourself in the most authentic way that you can. So celebrating that, and getting to celebrate my single at the same time, is really exciting. I also saw a few of their shows, watched them perform, and it was like, “F–k, I missed performing like that,” you know? Dead Sara was a huge influence on this album, because it shifted my perspective.

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